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29.10.2015 09:47 Age: 3 yrs

Climate protection is…

Maybe you too have seen the attention-grabbing posters on NRW's streets in recent weeks bearing provocative questions about climate protection!? KlimaExpo.NRW has been communicating climate protection as an engine for progress for over a year. Now however, climate protection is "laughable", "not out of the woods" or even "rubbish"?

"Climate protection needs to be redeveloped?" Or is it simply "an underground movement"? Yes! Because behind each of these questions there is a specific project from the KlimaExpo.NRW showcase of achievements. If you take a closer look, the explanatory notes on the poster designs explain how energetic renovation, energy efficiency, modern mobility solutions, the recycling economy, alternative fuels and intelligent production processes could be the key to successfully transforming the energy system and combating climate change. For example, there is a lot of geothermal energy hidden in the underground pit water of the Bochum mines. This allows the public utilities to provide heating above ground while also saving money and CO2. This is good news for the consumers and for the environment. With these posters, that are now gradually disappearing from the streets but are still being distributed via social networks and other communication channels, KlimaExpoNRW is raising awareness of these issues and provoking public discussion.

Keep your eyes open and discuss them with us! For example, on facebook or on the NRW government blog.

All of the campaign images can be found here (also available for download).