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14.04.2016 10:23 Age: 2 yrs

KlimaExpo.NRW Introduces Its Climate Protection Concept

Not only is the state-based initiative involved in the presentation and promotion of climate protection as its core activity. As an institution, it is also committed to protecting the climate and to leading by example in regard to climate protection and sustainable development. KlimaExpo.NRW has therefore prepared a climate protection concept now that presents all of the important information on its own consumption.

Foto: KlimaExpo.NRW

The concept covers economical use of heat and electricity, business trips and mobility, procurement, waste and the organisation of climate-friendly events. It shows the consumption rates and their development over time and is available to download from the KlimaExpo.NRW website. The KlimaExpo.NRW staff have set themselves the goal of organising their everyday professional life to be as climate-friendly as possible within the context of their own scope for making decisions and taking action.