Press Releases


Umgestaltung des Hahnenbachs sorgt für mehr Lebensqualität

Lange war er ein Schmutzwasserlauf: Der „Hahnenbach“ in Gladbeck-Brauck stellte außerdem eine  unschöne Barriere im Stadtteil dar. Eine umfassende Renaturierung hat inzwischen das Ökosystem wieder hergestellt. Um daraus noch mehr zu machen, schlossen sich die Emschergenossenschaft, die Stadt Gladbeck und das Stadtteilbüro in Brauck im gemeinsamen Projekt „Unser Hahnenbach“ zusammen und bezogen hier auch die Bürgerinnen und Bürger mit ein. Ein neu entstandener Wassererlebnispfad dient nun als Lebens-, Erholungs- und Bildungsraum. Zudem ist das Ökosystem rund um den Wasserlauf nun wieder intakt und sorgt dafür, dass Klimafolgen gemildert werden. Für das besondere Engagement wurde das Projekt nun gewürdigt. Dr. Heinrich Dornbusch, Geschäftsführer der KlimaExpo.NRW, überreichte im Beisein von Ulrich Roland, Bürgermeister der Stadt Gladbeck, die offizielle Urkunde zur Aufnahme in die landesweite Leistungsschau für den Klimaschutz an Dr. Uli Paetzel, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Emschergenossenschaft.


Transforming the Heeren Mühlbach stream benefits the climate, the town and its citizens

Near-natural watercourses can serve as a “municipal air conditioner” and help reduce the impact of climate change. This is Kamen’s goal in strengthening the Heeren Mühlbach stream environ-ment. A comprehensive restoration project by the Lippeverband water board and the town of Kamen has re-established the river’s ecosystem and created a so-called “green-blue climate cor-ridor”. An achievement that continues to gain relevance in a time of extreme weather phenome-na like heat waves and heavy rainfall, and which was commended by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Kamen’s mayor, Hermann Hupe, watched as Dr Heinrich Dornbusch, Managing Direc-tor of KlimaExpo.NRW, presented Dr Uli Paetzel, Chair of the Board of the Lippeverband, with an official certificate of inclusion in the state-wide showcase for climate protection.


Fit for the future: Electromobility in vehicle fleets

Commercial journeys are particularly suitable for using electric vehicles because they can be planned and the distances travelled are short. However, changing the company fleet over to elec-tric vehicles is often hampered by the question of how the vehicle fleet can be charged in an eco-logical and economic way. This is where Bielefeld University’s “Fit2Load” project comes in, offer-ing practical solutions to promote the expansion of electric vehicle fleets – and achieving a posi-tive impact on the profitability and emission levels of the companies involved. Today the project received recognition from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for its exemplary commitment to climate protection. KlimaExpo.NRW Managing Director Dr Heinrich Dornbusch presented the offi-cial certificate of inclusion in the state-wide showcase to Prof. Jens Haubrock, Head of Depart-ment at the Faculty of Engineering and Mathematics at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, Hanno Lechtermann from the bakery chain Lechtermann & Pollmeier, Dr Peter Westerbarkey from the charging station manufacturer Westaflex and Dr Thomas Wehlage from the energy man-agement specialists Archimedes Technik.


Fit for the future: Cross-municipal collaboration reflects change in structure of energy supply

Around a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions and more than 35 per cent of the total energy consumption in Germany can be attributed to existing residential buildings. Innovative renova-tion concepts incorporating efficiency technology and renewable energy are needed here. It is a challenge, particularly in conurbations such as the Ruhr region, where there are historical districts which cross city boundaries. This is also the case in the north of the Ruhr region in Gelsenkirchen and Herten. The two cities have jointly set up the “Ruhr Energy Lab” project and are showing how an industrial district can be renovated in a climate-friendly way. Today the project received recognition from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for its exemplary commitment to climate protection. KlimaExpo.NRW Managing Director Dr Heinrich Dornbusch presented the official cer-tificate of inclusion in the state-wide showcase to Fred Toplak, Mayor of Herten, Dr Thomas Bern-hard, Head of Gelsenkirchen Environment Department, and Dr Babette Nieder, Head of the Klimabündnis Gelsenkirchen-Herten e. V. (Gelsenkirchen-Herten climate alliance). 


KlimaExpo.NRW pioneer Turbonik receives 2018 Steel Innovation Prize

The innovative micro steam turbine from the start-up Turbonik in Dortmund enables companies to generate their own electricity even with small quantities of process steam. For the first time, this makes producing electricity on site economically viable for operators of smaller plants, who are thereby not only able to save costs but also to reduce CO2 emissions. Now the KlimaExpo.NRW project has been awarded the 2018 Steel Innovation Prize in the “Steel Products” category.