Press Releases


Transforming old into new: Climate Day banners turned into bags

When the NRW.KlimaTage (NRW Climate Days) were held for the first time in summer 2017 and more than 100 projects across the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia opened their doors to visitors, the event was publicised using special advertising banners. The campaign took place on the 7th and 8th of July and the consumer advice centres in a large number of cities were among those who took part in it as partners of KlimaExpo.NRW. When the event drew to a close, Kerstin Pahnke, the energy consultant at Minden consumer advice centre, contacted KlimaExpo.NRW with a good idea: upcycling the advertising banners. 


KlimaExpo.NRW showcases Dortmund sports club as good example for climate protection

The oldest sports club in the City of Dortmund – TSC Eintracht Dortmund – is aiming to turn its sports centre into a so-called zero-energy building by 2023. To meet this target, energy consumption will be reduced and the remaining energy requirement met entirely by power generated on the spot. Already the club has successfully taken the first steps towards energy self-sufficiency by optimising energy use and improving the club’s sustainability performance in general. This special commitment has now been rewarded and the club has been accepted by KlimaExpo.NRW as a pacesetter for climate protection in the state-wide permanent exhibition. Dr Heinrich Dornbusch, KlimaExpo.NRW Managing Director, today presented the official certificate to Board Chairman Dr Alexander Kiel in Dortmund.


Essen's greenApes Project joins KlimaExpo.NRW

In Essen, the greenApes community is inspiring citizens to more sustainability. Supported by a digital platform and an app, it provides sustainable tips, ideas, information, activities and places for participants to discover together and share. Local sustainable enterprises are also involved and provide rewards for active participation. The projects aims to get more and more people on board – 1,247 Essen citizens are already taking part. Dr Heinrich Dornbusch, Managing Director of the state-based initiative, presented European Green Capital – Essen 2017 Project Manager Matthias Sinn with the official certificate of inclusion in the state-wide exhibition for climate protection.


Sustainable production of pre-cast concrete - KlimaExpo.NRW highlights Gödde-Beton as exemplary climate protection company

Maximum quality with minimal environmental impacts: that’s the goal that family business Gödde-Beton in the German community of Wadersloh has set for itself. The producer of pre-cast concrete parts carried out a detailed life-cycle assessment two years ago, and has been using the results to make the company’s working processes more efficient and climate-friendlier since then. And this special commitment is now reaping rewards: KlimaExpo.NRW is highlighting the company as a climate protection pacemaker by including it in the state-wide expo. Dr Heinrich Dornbusch, Senior Managing Director of KlimaExpo.NRW, presented the official certificate to Claudia Gödde, Assistant to Company Management at Gödde-Beton GmbH, who accepted the recognition on behalf of Mr Alfons Gödde. 


KlimaExpo.NRW qualifies ‘LenneSchiene’ to join permanent exhibition

There’s something going on on the Lenne, the longest and most abundant tributary of the Ruhr: the eight municipalities along the river have launched the LenneSchiene project to bring the river back into the centre of the local residents’ lives. Measures aimed at promoting climate protection and adaptation to the impacts of climate change are enhancing the river Lenne in terms of municipal development, ecology and tourism potential, and are providing a new awareness of life among the 235,000 residents who live along the river between Schmallenberg and Iserlohn. Dr Heinrich Dornbusch, Managing Director of KlimaExpo.NRW, recognised the work of the project and presented the Mayors of the participating municipalities with the certificates honouring their commitment to climate protection.