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The Ruhr Metropolis: 5.05 million people – 4,436 square kilometres in area – 53 towns, cities and municipalities at the crossroads between the Rhenish Massif, the Westphalian Lowland and Lower Rhine Valley – alongside Ile-de-France, Moscow, Greater London and Istanbul, the area represents one of the five largest agglomerations in Europe.
The industrial heart of Europe originally beat here. Coal, steel and conventional energy – these were what made the Ruhr conurbation famous. This historical image has changed in recent decades and the region has not only morphed into a culturally creative and economically varied region due to being the European Capital of Culture with RUHR.2010.
Now faced with the challenges created by climate change, the Ruhr Metropolis must again demonstrate its ability to adapt efficiently. The renewed pressure to be flexible is creating a new dynamic organisation. Climate change and the transformation of the energy system should be utilised as driving forces for technical, economic and social innovations. With regional networks and a multitude of projects and events, the Ruhr Metropolis is showing itself to be a strong regional partner for KlimaExpo.NRW.

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