The Aachen Region

46 cities, towns and municipalities with close to 1.3 million residents – this is the Aachen Region, "deep in the West of Germany" in NRW. Based on a well-established tradition of regional and cross-border collaboration, which has been very successful for more than 30 years, the district communities of Heinsberg, Düren and Euskirchen as well as the urban region and the city of Aachen founded a municipal partnership for the Aachen Region at the end of 2012, the Zweckverband Region Aachen. Its core interest is to support regional and Euro-regional economic development and to give new impetus to structural and labour market development – both strategically as well as on an operative level. The basic concept behind the idea is to further expand the excellent cooperation structures between economy, science, administration and above all politics.

The Aachen Region is a region brimming with energy – and not only in the figurative sense: In the past, this energy came from hard coal in the old Aachen mining district; today it is lignite coal from the opencast mines in the Rhineland area which influences a large part of the region and presents a new challenge – not only from a climate protection policy point of view, but also with regard to economic and structural policy. The region is well prepared to address these challenges, especially with its growing innovation potential from local universities and research institutions: If it concerns leading-edge development – including though not limited to the fields of energy efficiency, climate protection measures and resource efficiency –, then the RWTH Aachen, the Jülich Research Centre and the Aachen University of Applied Sciences are flagship institutes – not only for NRW, but also much farther afield. The Aachen Region is therefore the perfect area for implementing various new approaches to meeting the challenges of the future.

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