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KlimaExpo.NRW – Engine for Progress

KlimaExpo.NRW seeks and presents pioneers and pacesetters who use climate protection and adaptation to the impacts of climate change as an engine for progress, thus providing new impulses for the technological, economic and social development of the federal state. Technical and social innovations, infrastructure improvements and comprehensive system approaches are considered in equal measure.

In order to be able to present powerful engines for progress, minimum requirements apply for inclusion in the exhibition regarding the climate effect and sustainability of the projects. Therefore, in accordance with the idea of "Climate Protection as an Engine for Progress", projects that are distinguished by a sustained positive impact in the social, ecological and economic fields are positively assessed.

For example, they maintain NRW's pioneering role as an industrial location, preserve or generate jobs, provide local added value and a high quality of life for the population of NRW and/or protect the natural environment above and beyond the pure climate protection effect.

The KlimaExpo.NRW stands for outstanding expertise and innovative activities in the field of climate protection that simultaneously unlock new economic and social potential.


Munscheidstr. 14
45886 Gelsenkirchen