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ALDI SÜD: Trading in a climate-neutral manner

Barmenia Versicherungen: The climate-neutral insurance provider

Bednarz Elektro Taxi GmbH: Climate-friendly transport in Bochum and its surroundings

BeoPlast: The green revolution in plastic products

Borowski solar system installations: Clear-cut climate protection targets

Burchhardt organic butcher’s: Family business saves and generates electricity

Car dealership Schönauen: Double the operating size, lower consumption

Church parish in Geilenkirchen: Hard on the heels of climate protection

Cleaning service Werner Scheene: Clean on the go

Dibella GmbH: Climate-friendly table cloths

Elektro Koppen: Climate protection in the area of electricity

Franz Schneider Brakel: Doors open to climate protection

Fraunhofer UMSICHT: Sustainable research for sustainable development

Fried. Lohmann: Tough-as-Steel Management for climate protection

Gödde-Beton: Precast concrete parts produced sustainably

Guido Schaefer: Climate-friendly systems inspired by “active house”

ista International GmbH: Correctly assessing energy use

ITAD: The climate-friendly waste treatment association

Johannes zu Rheine: Climate protection with God’s blessing

Landhaus Beckmann: A sustainable break on the Lower Rhine

Lichtenau Technology Centre: Committed centre of excellence for renewable energy

MECU: Supporting climate protection the meculogical way

Metallkonzept group: Small tradesmen as large-scale solar power producers

Moosbach and Kanne: Gold-plated climate protection

Muckenhaupt & Nusselt: Experience in the field of environmental management

Primary school Vormholz: Small school, big targets

RVK: Sustainable mobility

Sundwiger Drehtechnik: What an energy report can achieve…

TSC Eintracht Dortmund: Towards a zero energy building

TRILUX: Efficient light from South Westphalia

The Weidmüller Group: Electrical engineering climate protection solutions

Wendeling: Fresh paint for climate protection

WEP: Green district heating for an entire city

ZF Bielefeld: Turning old into new