Routes of Innovation

Using the 'Routen der Innovationen – Route der Energie' (Routes of Innovation – Energy Route) format, the klimametropole RUHR 2022 and KlimaExpo.NRW are turning their sights to technological innovations as well as to products and production processes for climate protection in and from the Ruhr metropolis.
What contributions do the companies make to the transformation of the energy system? What technologies and methods are being developed and used for the production, storage and management of renewable energies? Other topics such as the cogeneration of heat and power (CHP), intelligent power distribution networks and load management or virtual power plants allow many examples of successful development and application to be found in the Ruhr metropolis. Which innovations and current developments contribute to these questions is made visible on the Routes of Innovation during tours of companies that focus specifically on the topic.

Many renowned companies from the Ruhr metropolis such as RWE Deutschland, Siemens and Evonik are taking part in the Routes of Innovation format. They provide insights into their strategic and technological developments and specific applications implemented at their facilities. With lectures, films and guided tours, the groups of visitors are introduced to the topic step by step.

For the initial visits to the "Energy Routes" locations, students from technical and natural sciences courses at the universities and technical universities in the region will be given the opportunity to participate in guided tours – at a later stage, some tours will be open to further groups. Inquiries from interested groups are taken by the project office at