Municipal Cycle Routes: Experience Climate Protection On Site

Actively learning something about climate protection – on the municipal climate protection cycle routes of KlimaExpo.NRW and its partners, this is what interested citizens can do. Linking KlimaExpo.NRW-qualified projects with other climate protection and sustainability-themed stops, the cycle routes show where and how climate protection is driven. They have been developed by the local chapters of the ADFC in conjunction with the NRW consumer’s association’s MehrWert NRW project and the respective communities.

The Partners of KlimaExpo.NRW

ADFC NRW is the largest regional organisation of the German Cyclist's Association. It is active on the ground in about 100 local groups, organising tours and providing advice on cycling-related questions.

The NRW consumer’s association’s MehrWert NRW project supports initiatives and citizens alike in being climate-aware and resource-conserving in their daily actions.


If you have any questions regarding the cycle routes, please contact:

Anke Kalmbach
Projectmanager Public Relations
Phone: +49.209.408599-25